NTEXX Root Stimulator 3-0-0 w/ 0.3%Humic Acid

1 gallon jugs

A liquid root stimulator formulated to develop greater root mass, activate microbial activity of soil, increase nutrient uptake, and improve water infiltration.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Nitrogen 3%, Available Phosphate 1%, Soluble Potash 1% 
Derived from: Urea, Di-Ammonium, Phosphate, and Potassium Nitrate.

(PDF) Download the Root Stimulator Label
(PDF) Download the Root Stimulator MSDS Sheet

  • Increases root mass growth
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake
  • Improves soil environment for plant growth by building the aerobic zone of the soil
  • Improves water infiltration
  • Stimulates soil microorganisms that provide essential nutrients for plants through their productive biological processes
  • Affordable cost