NTEXX Soil Inoculant Seven 7-0-0

275 Gallon tote / 30 gallon drum / 2.5 gallon jugs

N-TEXX Soil Inoculant Seven is a liquid 7-0-0 Organic fertilizer containing microbes formulated to enhance microbial activity in the soil, increase nutrient uptake of the plant, develop greater root mass, and improve water infiltration. This product is OMRI approved for Organic use.

Nitrogen 7%, Sulfur 0.1833%, Boron .0025%, Calcium 0.0152%, Magnesium 0.0142%,
Derived from: Sodium Nitrate

OTHER Ingredients:

Bacillus subtillus 1,000,000 CFU/mL and pseudomonas putida 1,000,000 CFU/mL, water, and liquid humus acid 6% (derived from leonardite)

(PDF) Download the 7-0-0 Bio-Soil Enhancer Label 
Download the 7-0-0 Bio-Soil Enhancer MSDS Sheet (PDF)
(PDF) Download OMRI Certificate

  • Enhances fertilizer program by increasing plant nutrient uptake
  • Reduces crusting of topsoil
  • Increases root mass growth
  • Increases seed germination emergence
  • Improves water infiltration
  • Improves soil environment for plant growth by building the aerobic zone of the soil.
  • Stimulates soil microorganisms that provide essential nutrients for plants through their productive biological processes.
  • Easily applied using various irrigation systems
  • (spray, trickle, overhead, drip, surge, and L.E.P.A.)
  • Concentrated for freight savings
  • Affordable cost
  • Animals may graze immediately after application
  • May be tank mixed with herbicides, fertilizers
  • May be soil and foliar applied